How to look TALLER and SLIMMER?

Wear fitted clothes

Loose clothes can make you look like a tent and tend to make you look shorter than you actually are. Wear well fitted clothes to give an elongated look.

Wear a single color top to toe

Go monochromatic. Wear clothes using only one color to look tall and fab. Wearing a single color always  make you feel stylish and fab.

Wear short and fitted jackets:

Avoid long and loose jackets as they make one look bulkier than what one is. A fitted jacket gives a structured look and makes one look cleaner.

Wear vertical stripes

Vertical stripes give an illusion of being tall so make them your good friend. Look for shirts or dresses in different colors and patterns to add length and glam to your look.

Carry small to medium size bags. Your bag says a lot about you and your look. Go for small bags or a medium one. Avoid big bags. I love cross body bags and they look good on all heights.

If you have a short stature, a crop top is a perfect choice for you. Combine it with high-waist jeans and you will be good to go! Another option is to wear a cropped top and skirt.

Dresses above the knees work the best to make your legs appear longer. The short length creates space around your legs and draws attention above.

When shopping for tops and jumpers, add a couple of v-neck options to your shopping basket. V-neck tops and jumpers offer the illusion of a longer torso. You'll also look a lot leaner too.

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